Calming Dog Bed


Pet Cushion Bed

This luxurious dog bed is Proven to calm your dog. The Calming Dog Bed was designed to calm anxiety and create a sense of security.

Why your dogs need this now!

Proven to relieve anxiety - Our luxury dog bed is proven to relax your dogs. This concept is known to therapists who use it to help ease anxiety. The raised rim creates a sense of security. Which allows your dogs to calm down faster, and relax.

Extra Comfort - Dogs love to curl up. The raised rim provides head neck support while the soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief

Washable - The luxurious bed is easy to wash, in the washing machine and the dryer (gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat)

Luxury Design - Our luxury bed would look great in any home


 Recommended sizes Estimate only (you should not choose bed bases on weight only)
XS (40cm) Small Cats and very tiny dogs. (2.5KG)
S (50cm) Up to (20-30)lbs (5KG)
M (60cm) Up to (30-40)lbs (9KG)
L (70cm) Up to (40-50)lbs (18KG)
XL (80cm) Up to (50-65)lbs (25KG)




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